Karmic Fury Records is an independent record label based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. We record, produce, and promote local original musicians and bands, with much of our work concentrated on building our music community. Wilmington has an extremely high concentration of incredible musicians. You can catch amazing music any night of the week and find locally produced music at the store that blows away most of the common acts you’ll hear on the radio today.

Kim Dicso and Sue Cag of Karmic Fury Records in Encore Magazine

Who are we?

Two bad-ass women who love listening to and playing music. We’ve both been in bands over the years and know what it’s like out there for musicians. We met in the local Wilmington, NC music scene and, after playing in bands together, decided that we had even more to offer the local community than our music. We love our hometown and our music scene and are dedicated to making both the best they can be. We shop at local farmer’s markets and small businesses whenever possible, and are always looking for opportunities to partner with the community.

Most importantly, we have an in-house recording studio with professional equipment and the ability to lay down all of the tracks for your eventual masterpiece.

Why did we form a label?

As many musicians do, we grew up as teenagers with the dream of getting signed to a record label. But most traditional “record labels” care mostly about bottom lines and all of that corporate mumbo jumbo. We didn’t want to be numbers in a vast corporate labyrinth where our success is determined by whether we’re deemed worthy of heavy marketing. Then we realized that we’re pretty savvy business women and we could do it all ourselves. So we did. And now we have a place where actual musicians, not numbers in a spreadsheet, can come to release their records and make their dreams come true. We are a label run by musicians for musicians, and we look at the process as a collaboration.  We don’t own you (we have way too much stuff already).

Besides making music and releasing records, what else do we do?

A big part of being a successful artist is being creative. Another part is making sure things are done right. We integrate those two very important cornerstones by doing most things ourselves, or with people we know directly. We promote, market, and brainstorm. We design our own t-shirts, posters, stickers, and other swag – oh, and our t-shirts are sweat-shop free and made in the USA. If we don’t have what you need to make your record a success, we know somebody who does.

Why “Karmic Fury”?

Karmic Fury is our superhero name. We purge the world of all social injustice, especially sexism, homophobia, and the ruthless exploitation of animals.