Folkstar’s New Single “Orphan” Released!

About the song:

Folkstar: This song came about after Sue shared a profound conversation with our friend Nyla and began to reflect on her own experiences. Sue found the words to be difficult yet cathartic to write. When Kim read the lyrics, she immediately came up with a melodic structure and from there we filled in instrumentation like layers of paint. We are so proud of what this song has become. It’s got a bluesy rock beat with extra guitar at the end. Plug in your speakers and pump up the groove!

“Orphan” will be available on all platforms in a few days!

Published by © 2018 Karmic Fury Records (ASCAP)

New Music Release: “Old North State” by Folkstar

Karmic Fury Records is proud to release a new single from Folkstar titled “Old North State.” Here is Folkstar’s announcement about the single and the project that inspired it.

Folkstar - Old North State Cover ArtJanuary 20th, 2017

Today is Inauguration Day in The United States, and we’ve spent the past few months processing what this day means and how it is going to affect us. Shortly before the holidays, we came across a project called “100 Songs for 100 Senators” organized by songwriter Jonathan Mann. The basic premise is this: rally together 100 songwriters, 2 from each state, to write a song for each senator holding him or her accountable for the actions of the incoming presidential administration. We immediately wanted to be involved, and the result is “Old North State,” written for Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina. Writing this song was cathartic for us and we hope that it does something for you too. Please share this song far and wide wherever you can, especially with North Carolina elected officials 🙂 There will be more new music to come this year as we process the beast that was 2016.  ~ Folkstar